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Bankston Chevy woudn't deal at all and wanted about 2.5k over MSRP for the car I wanted. On top of it they were trying to low ball me on my trade in by about 2.5k saying something about they couldn't warranty the car because it had rims that weren't factory even though the rims were on it from the original dealership with the factory warranty. I told them this and they said to bad. Overall they made me feel like I was bothering them by being there so I left.

Moritz Chevy I had several issues with their Maint dept trying to charge me for warranty work and when I took my girl there to look at cars the salesman was very pushy and lied about numerous things about the cars and financing options that would be available. I just let the guy talk while I listened to him try to BS us then we left.

This applies to all so no need to list it three times.

All three made me feel at home answered all my questions and were truthful to me even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. They definitely made it apparent they wanted my buisness and were willing to work with me to get it. I have no bad things to say about any of them.
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