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Originally Posted by unkillsam View Post

Bad Dealership - Chapman Chevrolet (Philadelphia)

Good Dealerships

Del Chevrolet (Paoli)
Chapman. Rude employees, too many dealer add-ons, and they make you wait forever till your paperwork is ready hoping that you won't read the contract and notice all the fees that were added in.

Del. We were looking for a 2011 Cruze Eco in the summer of 2010. Pretty hard to find actually. Another dealer that is not shady, just merely incompetent, did not find the car we wanted. Went to Del, in 24 hours they had the car we wanted in one of the two colors we were looking for, and they gave us a fair price and great trade in value on the Nissan we were driving, and paperwork was done in 20 minutes.
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