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Originally Posted by LStick View Post
I tried Truecar-which one dealer gave me a pretty good baseline as far as what the new car should sell for. His car was black, I wanted Blue Ray. By the time we connected, there was no time for a dealer trade.
I would be wary if I was you about what dealers can/can't do. They will always push you to pick a car off of their lot over trading, as well as locating one over ordering.

My tips to looking for the best deal:

-know what you want and stick to it

-never accept first offers.. they are always low.. that goes for car price, trade in or finacing.. they are always too low (if they are being stubborn, give them the whole "well this dealership said....")

-if they have something on the lot that is similar, show disinterest (ex. "these extra options add more money I can't spare" "its not my style" "If im going to spend this much money, I would like it to have what i'm looking for") even if you are willing to take the vehicle they show you, stating your disinterest gives you leverage into lowering the vehicle price

-if you have a trade in.. research blue and black book values, print and bring them with you..

-use the TrueCar website! it gives even more savings then AOL Autos listed as invoice with options! if you cant get to a truecar dealer, then use the aol auto or even print out a truecar certificate from another dealership and make them compete or you'll move your business to another dealership!

--my TLDR personal story--

I made it clear that it was either my color and options, or no sale. They all tried pushing a car off their lot, failed. A few of them located one in Georgia, and the 2 that couldn't locate said I couldn't order. After telling them that I knew from calling Chevrolet themselves and finding that they can order until 6/27/13 they made up some bs story about why they thought they couldn't and offered to order.

After getting fed up with all the bs from local dealerships, I decided to drive to Rick Hendrick's Chevrolet in Georgia since they had exactly what I was looking for.
I showed them my TrueCar Certificate and the salesman said that after meeting with the higher ups, the certificate wouldn't apply because it "doesn't apply to special editions including the 1LE".. I told them that was odd since the 1LE is a selection on the website, AND the certificate only excluded the ZL1. He came back with a manager who tried to pressure me into it saying things like -you drove all the way from florida -its a rare model -you enjoyed the test drive... but I didn't budge.. and eventually caved in to giving me the true car price..
I gave them print outs for my 2013 v6 Camaro.. was blue booked at 26,000.. black book value said 23,600 but they don't have selection for 2013.. asked for 24,500 and didn't budge.. told them "im practically giving you extra money asking for 24,500.. c'mon youre already making money off the sale
On financing, got them to drop 1%... this is the only part that I feel is hard to have control over especially since I have bad credit.. but all in all I saved $3,400 over the window sticker.. I told them vinyl protection and nitrogen in the tires is not worth 100's of dollars and i'm not paying for air and clear stickers..


Anyways, gl with your purchase!
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