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Thank you for the info. A cheap way to make a little more HP and keep the stock valve train is to go with a LS9 cam . Form what I seen it should bump the motor about 20 HP from 4,000 to 6,600 RPM range . I am thinking that right were it would help most on the long straightway to help the car hang with the higher HP cars better .You can get the cam , sprocket and blots new GM parts for about $150.00. Now if you can do the labor your self it can work out as a cheap up grade . Here a link you can read where they put this cam in a GM 2011 truck made 50 more HP in the truck. LS3 in the Camaro will not pick up as much HP because the LS3 has a better cam to start with.

Now I like to tell you the cam works out great but I can not because I can not get my darn car out the black hole of GM. The car is still Bayed but what you ran into was just what I was thinking was going to happen and I got the cam here waiting for the car to show up from the dealer.

You may want to go with a adjustable sway bars front and rear . Its look were stuck with ZL1 bars for now . I be looking forward to your UP Grades and how they work out for you.
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