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Goodyear F1 G2's crackolas

My car was delivered on Boxing Day and put on carpet pads in a heated garage. I was aware of the cold temp issues and went above and beyond. When the car arrived at the dealership it sat outside for one day overnight. Temp was minus 9 overnight. When I got to see the car for the first time my first thought was wow what a beauty but I bet my tires are wrecked. I told my salesman that the car tires could not be in that temp range and the car should be indoors. He looked at me as if I was smoking crack. I told him about the bulliten posted online regarding tire care of G2 tires and he just looked at me puzzled. Now I have waited until May to start driving her and at the first wash I see this. My first thought was " I knew it!" I called the dealer and spoke to my salesman and he doesn't think it will be covered and he will speak to the shop foreman and get back to me. I said I told you to not leave the car out in the cold in December. My car has under 200km (120miles) on it and I can't believe I'm looking at a fight! I know these tires don't have a long lifespan but I'd prefer to burn them off and then put on some Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I had hoped to at least get a couple of seasons out of the Goodyear's. This sucks!
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