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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Man you weren't kidding about doing all your mods in a parking garage haha.
...tell me about can be a pain at times (most of the time) but it's also kind of cool sometimes because people will come up and talk to you to see what you're doing.

Originally Posted by Baldman View Post
Did they install in minutes like the package said?
Ha. If you were installing them in your house it would be minutes. Mounting them to my car and wiring them up took a little longer...but not bad.

Originally Posted by Ivan @ Southwest Speed View Post

Badass Bro. Love seeing nothing stopping a man from his work. Hell yeah.

Looking great sir. Keep it rollin!
Thanks Ivan!! The finished product looks soooooo good. I can't wait to get some good pictures. I've taken quite a few of them but none are really all that good.
Originally Posted by Kartashian View Post
Coming soon!!
-White Mary thread [COTW 6/11/12] :

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