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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post

Ad a CAI intake, scoop and washer bottle relocate from Chase over at APEX and you will really wake her up. That will get you about another 15RWHP. Also do not forget to get an Elite Catch Can from Chase to make sure you are not putting oil into the dirty side of the PVC system.
Intake is on the list of things to do....I need to get a baseline dyno number before any mods. I like to install a little at a time so I know what each and every part is actually doing for me as well as the shortcomings.

Originally Posted by Jim968 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the calipers on the 1LE the same as the ones on a regular SS? If so then the entire line of Hawk track pads will fit:
Correct, same caliper as all SS models, just a color change.

Jim you disappeared from the other brake thread...Did you see the picture of your car I took at the NASA Grattan Event in 2007?

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