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Originally Posted by Exigent View Post
Dropspeed -

I understand the GT3 is different than the Camaro, I was curious if it was going to be a "it's great right off the lot, no need to change anything" or "here is a list of mods I'm going to need". I understand the cost, warranty, etc.

I was interested in knowing if it had any glaring issues from someone who had the experience to judge it.
That depends 100% on your skill level and expectations. Out of the box a new driver could have many years before they find the limits of the car and feel the need to upgrade components. You could drive the car at numerous track events and enjoy it bone stock. You mentioned you have tracked your GT3 for a few years so I will presume you are not still running in the beginner or intermediate group.

This past weekend I knew many of the participants and there were some ST2, TTU, TTB race cars and some very fast street cars all on tace tires in the fast group. That is the group I would usually run with but they were lapping the track 4-5 seconds faster than I was so I ran one group down to avoid being the backmarker. I want to run with the "big dogs" so mods will be coming.

So to try and answer your question. No glaring issues for a novice or intermediate driver. Upgrades will be needed to run in the fast groups.

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