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Spoke again to the dealership. GM will not warranty the tire. They said the tire is not defective and warranty only covers defects which there was no evidence. As I'm about to explode I think about it and say....I agree with you. The tires are not defective but it was negligence that caused the problem. Ignoring the Goodyear tire care recommendations is what caused the problem. The foreman agreed with me. With that said I told him how I had informed the salesperson of the temp issues and wanted the car inside as soon as it arrived at the dealership. This did not happen and as a result the car sat outside one night at sub zero temps and in the morning PDI moved it inside. That's all it took. I am getting the fix as a result at the dealerships cost not GM warranty.It was the dealership's fault not Goodyear. I said that was fair enough. I don't care who covers the cost as long as it's not me.
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