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Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
That's a perfect look for cgm, no rubbing?

I wonder what Pete will say when he sees that pic.....
No rubbing yet. I just raised the rear 1/4" to give it an even look front to rear and to make sure we don't get any crazy rubbing. Rear coilovers were set on 16 and even with a few bouncy roads, no rubbing. I'm going to drop them to 10 now and see what happens. Drop to 5 if nothing and so on.

I agree the look is great. I was so worried about all black rims not going with my "theme." But, knowing it might have been a possibility a while back, I decided to get the ZL1 rockers and left the bottoms black. Then I got the T4 splitter on front introducing a bit more black. I hoped since this was more how the 1LE's and ZL1's looked on the bottom, it would mesh well like they did. And sure nuff! It works! I think it also tones down the silver just a teeny tiny bit.....just enough to give it that perfect combo. Seriously, I've never been happier about the overall look of the car until yesterday. I can't believe it worked out this well.

But now it looks I think I'm going to have to change it's name.


And Pete? I think he's gonna say "needs lowering."

That, or, "so when are we going to do some autocross???"

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
rims look great congrats.
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