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I am fighting with a dealer... Currently, my Camaro SS with less than 500 miles has a vibration noise coming from the shifter at any speed under normal driving acceleration. If I place my hand on it, the rattle stops. They refuse to fix it under warranty due to claiming it is an acceptable, and almost expected, noise on the normal six speed shifter. The Hurst upgrade apparently does not make the noise. I think it is all BS of course and they just don't want to look for whatever linkage is loose and causing the rattle. It started about 20 miles after I bought the car, so clearly it did not come this way. Very aggravating since my 2012 Camaro I traded in (V6 automatic) was a dream to drive and made no rattles. I just cannot believe a GM service department has the balls to tell me a 40k+ car is fine to have a rattling shifter. I wouldn't accept that line of crap if they were talking about an economy car let alone a high performance car.
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