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1986 plain jane camaro price?

I can pick up a '86 plain jane camaro with a fairly clean body (does need some metal replaced on the driver's side floor and under the doors) without an engine for $500. 5 speed transmission included. 373 rear end out of a Z-28. All of the glass is good. Z28 tail lights, too.

The owner ran a 350 with 425 HP in it. Is there a way to check if the car is twisted? All of the spaces between the body panels look to be spaced correctly.

My plan is to completely gut it, weld in the necessary metal, put a clean interior in it (nothing fancy), drop some kind of a small block in it (not sure yet what size...), get a piston/cam/manifold/carb setup that will be punchy but not too nutty as I want to drive it daily. I really love this generation of Camaro... the way they look, sit, drive. Just a cool car altogether.

$500 seems like a good deal to me. What do you guys think? How might I find out if it is twisted? Is there anything else I should be looking for?
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