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Originally Posted by CatiaJockey View Post
Wipe the stick dry and dust it with baby powder, reinsert and the level will be clear.
PERFECT solution, and so simple!
Got out the powder, pulled out the dipstick and wiped it off lightly. Powdered both sides and tapped it on the edge of a trash can to get off the excess (just left the finest film on it). I wiped the powder off from the middle of the hashed section down to the tip, and from 1/2" above the full mark up. This left about 1" of dipstick with the film on it. Slid it in, paused, pulled it out....Boom! The part to the top of the fill line was "gone" and the part over that was there, clear as can be. Level was just right (whew!). What a great solution. When you see how much powder is actually left on the dipstick after you tap it and wipe the top and bottom, you will laugh. It is such a tiny amount that there is no way it would be possible to hurt anything. I'll do this again any time I have a question in the future. I love the forums!
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