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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
soooooo...........may I see a show of hands as to who has actually SEEN a 2014 Camaro in person?

.........nearly everyone liked what they saw (Crystal Red SS/RS) -- the main comment was "I don't care for the chrome strip" - and I suspect that some will paint it - some may try to remove it - and others will decide they like it once they see it for a while.
Seeing a car in person is a different thing. I wasn't a big fan of the Synergy Green until I saw one in person at "Test Track" at Walt Disney World and loved it! Still knew Victory Red was the color I wanted but could definitely see the appeal of the Synergy Green.

Also, if there's one thing we know from the 5th gens is that people are going to alter things to suit their own tastes & personalities. Who cares if it has a chrome strip? People have changed a lot bigger things on their cars so far. I blacked out several things on mine because it how I like it. The fact that those items I blacked out came differently from the factory doesn't change how awesome a job the Camaro team did with the car!
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