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Originally Posted by Bell040 View Post
I have much for you Fbodfather, and I agree with everything you always say...

but you have to tell us how that chrome trim passed through the design team and made it on the production car.

There are things that will grow on people (i.e. the taillights), and then there's the stuff that will become a mockery... the AutoZone special chrome trim.

oh my! You should NEVER agree with everything I say!

( should hear what I say to Miss Ellen!!!) answer your question: The same way that the chrome taillamp surrounds made it on the 2010-2013s.....which, if you go to any large 5th gen show, you'll see that some black chrome them -- some body-color them -- some paint 'em black..........some paint 'em white..........that's the beauty of a encourages personalization!
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