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Originally Posted by SWAG1LE View Post
I feel for you both man. Hang in will so not be dissapointed. WHAMMO You do not need someone elses problems (that might come up on a used/modded anything...unless you know the guy). Your ride will be here in no time I HOPE!
I went with new cause I was tired of the modding thing (parts breaking because too much power, weak ass rear end,etc). I'm looking for that peace of mind. Just pissed because of the wait.

But in the end(2-5years), I will buy a modded Z06. Brand new is 90K here, LOL, no thanks! I'll buy a used one with low mileage for around 45K in the US. My 4th Gen has been good to me and I bought it used in the US with 70K on the clock but that 5th Gen is a way better starting base to mod IMO(better suspension, LS3, better clutch, better rear end, better gearing, more comfort, etc). I'm already thinking about a modded Trans Am though hahah...I'll see whats this 5th is like and if really like it, I'll go with headers/tune next year and H/C in 2 years. Hoping to hit 500rwhp with a camshaft similar to the night fury cam.
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