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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
The purpose of this thread is for customers to share their experiences, good or bad. Where is there for it to go.

It's based on our experiences and as long as the personal attacks on other members stay out of the equation, it will remain open.

That is the purpose of this section of this forum.
Fair enough.

As for Joey B. That is why I said the thread will go no place - he can't go three lines deep without insulting someone. As for the thread being closed or staying open (Mr B. - wonder what that stands for B-tch perhaps) it does not make it disappear. You seem to be like most contractors. You talk more than you work. Next you will ask me for a face to face as well. – Tom is right. Cool your jets Turdbo


The video above shows Granatelli’s shop – I recognize that much - Joey B can you confirm that? No need to watch the entire video. Just go 6:49 into the video and confirm the guy on the left matches the fabrication guy in the video below


You can see the dyno in the above video to this guys back. So it appears to be the same dude and the same shop.

I promise to take a ton of photos if they let me

Can anyone else confirm this. If they are lying to me as well I will fight against them as much I as fight for them.
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