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Originally Posted by Number_9 View Post
No worries, thanks for the reply. I tried 'M" over 'D" today and had a much better time, without using the TapShift as well.

I didn't try the brake stand though... I guess too many old school memories of things gone bad with brake stands. Is the technology in the Camaro's such that brake stands are no longer an issue? I'm having some trouble confirming this... or at least seeing/reading the same answer twice.
Well brake stands arent exactly great for your car.. but I used to brake stand the living shit out of my 95 z28 and never had a problem. Don't over-do it and you should be fine.

Originally Posted by Verio View Post
Ugh, it's rained here like 20 out of the last 30 days. Where is Summer at???
You can send some of that down here if you want.. triple didgets all month and a 2 year drought Lakes are only half-full, what a shame.
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