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Also I did not try to PM YOU (SSE 4 2SS) I tied to PM (Stig) about brakes. I understand that you are a customer of Granatelli I was asking if Stig was as well. Although you never directly answered the question. You said you bought your first turbo kit from your engine guy who bought it from TTi. So I still can't see the connection to Granatelli. I understand they all call it the Granatelli/TTI kit but that is like saying you purchased a Vortech from Jannety Racing and now you expect SuperchargersOnLine to warranty it because they all sell "Vortech" blower and all use the "Vortech" name. Perhaps I am still missing something?

This is not a Granatelli thing by me although I can see how it reads that way. It’s just a matter of fact thing. I worked at Raypak and amongst other things we sold Pool Heaters. When the company purchased Mr. Spa, a fiberglass above ground spa manufacture out of Camarillo we got call from people looking for warranty work on their old units. My job was to explain that Raypak (Rheem - the parent company) only purchased the location and assets, which included the phone number. We did not purchase the manufacturing. Some people called the BBB to say we were not holding up to the Mr. Spa promise. Despite my explaining we were not Mr. Spa we were Raypak who purchased "stuff" from Mr. Spa they still said. Well it s says Mr. Spa on the box and when I call that number you guys answer so you guys must be responsible. Go Figure.

Respectfully that is what it sounds like here. You purchased a turbo kit from a mechanic who purchased a kit from TTi and because it says Granatelli turbos on the net you are putting them together. I understand you say Turbo tech built the kit for Granatelli. That only means Turbo Tech has a hand in Granatelli business not the other way around - While I am sure you are getting mad at me now I am merely getting all my information from this thread and what you say here and your mega thread. You said Granatelli sold you new turbos (off his own car) and then gave you a credit for your old ones after they came back from Turbonetics or Precision. If he sold you turbos and credited you for the old ones then what are we missing. Perhaps you feel he over charged you. That I can see and understand but the rest does not make sense.

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