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Originally Posted by skywarp View Post
has any body stopped to think it is most likely hot shot "Camaro" those are his colors yellow and black. bulkhead " big green truck" blurr hopefully and sideburn "corvette"?
That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the picture of all the cars together. The one thing I am wondering is when did Bulkhead first make his appearance in the TF universe? Almost all of the Autobot characters in the movie series have names from the first generation cartoons, but I can't recall seeing Bulkhead until the Transformers Animated and Prime series, or am I unaware of an older version of him?

Also, has anyone else noticed the red and white car with what looks to be sirens on top of it behind the Corvette and possible "Bulkhead." Is this possibly a more traditional color scheme for Ratchet, or yet another new character?

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