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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
I'm delighted with it. I drove one to Cousin Tom's Grand Opening (so that he'd have an LTZ to show attendees...) - and the trip from Michigan to Pennsylvania very late at night was a real pleasure.

Library Quiet inside -- lots of soft surfaces and details that one would not normally expect. Tons of positive comments - including seven people at one of the Service Plazas on the Ohio Turnpike at 3:30am.......

I especially love a Black LTZ - the car looks very upscale.

Now - all that said - it doesn't mean a hill of beans what I think....rather, it's what YOU, our Enthusiasts think......

.......and I'll have one at Camaro5fest for you to test drive!

(...along with a Volt, a new Silverado, a Sonic, ..........)

(.......oh yeah, and some 1LEs and RS convertibles..........)

ANOTHER reason to join us at Camaro5Fest!
Dibs on testing the Volt Last volt I test drove was at a local chevy dealer. It was a demo unit, and they let me drive it probably one mile, then told me to turn around and head back to the dealership. I guess they didn't expect me to actually buy one or at least talk about my experience with it. Demo unit Respect for local chevy dealer down 2 points.
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