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Some Questions

Originally Posted by VADER SS L99 View Post
Personally I would recommend a ERL re sleeved short block for 427ci or over. People have had issues with the 4.1 inch stroke on a stock LS3 block. With the ERL short block, after market LS7 heads, matching cam and Fast 102 intake, I think 750 crank horsepower is very doable.

What is ERL? Is that a company?

When you say people have issues with the 4.1 inch stroke on the stock LS3, does that mean that it doesn't develop enought torque and by making it less square the engine is a better torque performer?

Who can do this kind of work? Are we talking Hennessey, Ligenfelter, SLP?

Relative to the comment from willhe64, I quoted $15000 for a complete LSX 454. Thats what I thought I saw in one of Chevy performance books. It is rated I believe at 740 hP.
I'll check and get back to you guys.

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