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OK, testing done. Back to back. I installed Vortech tube and cut a hole in front inner side of plastic inner fender. All runs were from 25 mph, up through the 3-4 shift, shifting automatically.

Run 1: About 78 ambient, Vortech tube installed, same ECS filter and restrictor. Coolant temp at start of run was 176 F. Not heat soaked at all. Boost only got up to 8.4 psi. IAT got up to 145. I'm sure it was lower due to boost being lower.

Conclusion 1: Vortech tube with same ECS restrictor and ECS filter does lower boost quite a bit. Must be a decent amount of restriction.

Run 2: About 83 ambient, Vortech tube installed, same ECS filter but removed restrictor plate completely. Coolant temp at start of run was 187. Boost got up to 10.7. Kind of in line with me seeing 11.5 on a 70 degree day without Vortech tube. Pretty sure this was a comparable test, but need another test to confirm. See below. IAT got up to 163.

Conclusion 2: Removing restrictor mostly made up for Vortech tube restriction. Also now not thinking the tube is helping IAT's much.

Run 3: About 86 ambient, Vortech tube removed. Back to ECS filter and restrictor on blower, as before. Coolant temp at start of run was 192. Boost got up to 10.4. Very close to the above 10.7, probably difference of ambient making the slight difference. VERY comparable back to back test now. IAT got up to 165.

Conclusion 3: Back to back testing, similar boost, only a few degrees difference in ambient, the filter and restrictor on the blower being ran at the hottest time, only saw 2 degrees more IAT at the top of 3rd gear. The Vortech tube doesn't lower IAT's. I started all the runs from a roll, but Run 2 and Run 3 had nearly identical IAT's at the start of the run.

A couple other nice conclusions I noticed for my setup: No knock retard anywhere on all the testing. Fuel pressure held beautifully. Also, through all the testing and all the changes, the AFR stayed about spot on, not much change. Jannetty's tune accommodates perfectly for changes in ambient temp, filter restrictions, etc
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