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Black 10 spokes found from Craiglist!!

Just wanted to pass on that I finally found a set of black 10 spoke rims with tires. Actually, they found me. I had posted an add on Craigslist back in September, shortly after I bought my Silver ZL1. Unfortunately, it came with the silver wheels when I bought it off the showroom floor, but I still wanted the black rims, hence the wanted add. I kept re-newing the add, and had received numerous calls about people wanting to buy my silver 5 spoke wheels and tires for cheap. Bullshit, I know!! Finally, just the other day, I received a call from a guy that worked at a Les Schwab store in Sacramento (Thanks Carlos!). He told me a guy had bought a new ZL1, drove it around for 500 miles, then wanted a custom set of wheels and tires. They ordered him a set of custom 22" front and 24" rear, and bought his factory black 10 spoke wheels/tires and applied the balance towards his new wheels/tires. Once he told me the price was $2100.00 for the set of wheels and tires, I asked if he would hold them until I could get there and pick them up. 2 days later they were on my car. Les Schwab removed the TPMS sensors for the other wheels, so I had my local buddy at Americas Tire (Thanks Justin!!) fix me up with 4 new TPMS's for $169.00, and he installed them. Not bad for a total investment of $2269.00!! I wish they were in perfect condition like my silver 5 spokes, as they do have a few light scratches here and there, but for the price, they look GREAT!! Craigslist RULES!!!

Anybody looking for a set of silver 5 spokes and tires with only 380 miles on them, they are for sale!!
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