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Originally Posted by kevin1106 View Post
With all the problems that come with owning a manual, when I sold my SS and bought my ZL1 I went with the auto... I was tired of all the problem... Clutch sticking to the floor, changing the fluid frequently, inconsistent times at the track... Clutch replacement... The 4 hour traffic jam coming home from Camaro fest.... Agh.. Hell with a stick. Plus a manual transmission is a lot harder on the drivetrain.

Ever wonder as to why 302 Boss and Shelby GT500 Mustangs only came with a stick....
I traded a '10 SS for my current SS M6.... A manual lends a special connection to the car, and for me, thatís highly appealing. The car is a Blast to drive! Oh... one more thing, I do not miss the L99 at all...

To OP, test drive both.... You will then see what is more suitable for your ultimate driving pleasure.
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