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Psssst....has anyone mentioned "AFM" or "Skip Shift" to the OP???!!!

OP: There's more to buying a manual or automatic SS than you think.

Since you're considering buying privately,

you're not in the most advantageous position to confidently test drive a vehicle you're considering purchasing and adequately judge whether it drives as it should as you don't know how to drive a manual tranny. Your best bet is to go to any dealer to "test drive" a or some manuals a couple of times to get a feel for it (and don't let on that you're not intending to purchase) or put off your puchase unitl you've had time to learn how to reasonably drive a manual.

Frankly, it's not difficult at all once you done it a couple of times. The hardest part is letting the clutch out when you're starting from a stand-still position so you don't stall the car and, when you're slowing down / stopping to depress the clutch in time to either shift into a proper gear or take it out of gear so you don't stall it (BTW, those left hand turns across 4 lanes of traffic can turn into a nightmare if you're not on the ball).
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