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Originally Posted by Cleancoupe View Post
I just picked up my 2013 2SS/RS/1LE in ashen gray last week & now I'm thinking of how I want to protect the paint. She will be garage kept & really only driven on the weekends. I've been hearing good things about opti coat & have been thinking about getting it put on my car. I talked to a detailer I know & he said he would do it for $325. Doesn't seem too bad.

I'm going to get some rpi front splash guards & zl1 rear splash gaurds to help keep the rockers from getting chipped up.

I've also been thinking about getting a clear bra done. Would y'all recommend doing one? I've heard mixed reviews. If I did the clear bra & opti coat would I want the bra under or ontop of the opti?
you would want opti coat under the bra. its bascially another clear coat that beads water like a WAX/SEALANT

Originally Posted by Glen e View Post
325 is a good price if it's done right. But be aware,it's not the holy grail, you still need to wash correctly and follow with correct drying. It still can swirl and rocks will still ding the car. It recharges well after washing iwth a spray on monthly called CarPro RELOAD.
+1 a lot of people misunderstand what OC.2 is. it is not a swirl proof coating. treat it like you would any paint. with some TLC

as for reload. i have seen vids and heard some great reviews on it. i want to try it one day along with the DLUX from car pro.
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