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Ok. My perspective.

When we built my motor with the twins, I knew we would need a better than stock clutch. I looked for a while and choose an ACT twin disc. It was fine if you don't mind an on off switch clutch. At first, honestly I didn't. I thought, I've got a high powered car, (793 hp at the time) so I have to give up some creature comforts...

I might still have the clutch were it not for having the transmission out for something else, and discovering the the clutch was eating itself. We sent it back to ACT, they modified it a bit and it was a little better but certainly not good.

Several trans removals later, I made the decision to get a different clutch, and shopped to the end of the Internet.

I talked to other big hp people, and finally to Street Slayer. Tommy told me the truth in a very concise method. I didn't know at the time it was the truth, but it turned out to be.

My triple disc Street Slayer holds everything I've thrown at it... Almost twice the hp listed above, and it engages like the stock clutch did on the street. The light switch is gone. It is a more expensive clutch, but the results are most assuredly worth it. It can also be rebuilt for way less then new. No more throwing away the clutch and flywheel and starting over...

I'll never buy another brand of performance clutch...
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