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Jerry's Chevrolet in Parkville/Baltimore, MD. Put them in green.

Located a 10 minutes walk from my house, I've brought my car to them for service 4-5 times - usually for something quick or simple. They can usually take me in right on the spot and don't ask many questions about "why" the problems began.

Brought them in to fix my trunk release button after me and my buddy broke it while taking off the door panel and installing the AAC concept mirrors. I didn't tell them "how" it happened, they didn't ask, but they went ahead and fixed it anyways.

Brought it to them this morning because my locking mechanism on the door wasn't working properly, and they are working on it now. Granted, the mechanic was a grouchy old man, but the service coordinator (Suzy?) has always been super friendly and makes sure things get done.

Took my Yukon over there for an oil change and they wrote up a long list of expensive recommended fixes (basically replace all the hoses, the car has 110k miles) and it seemed expensive, but I've come to expect that from dealerships so I don't count it against them.

Never purchased a vehicle here, so no experience on that end.
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