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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
That's brutal man. I feel so bad for you.

I got the run around when I totaled my Blazer X. I held strong and was able to come out okay but definitely didn't make money.

I had put about $20K in parts plus my labor over the years. She was a built motor away from being a total bad ass. I still have the spare engine and all kinds of parts. I was going to build the motor this summer.

I ended up with Roxy my '13 1LE. Hold strong and fight for what you deserve.

I'm in when a PayPal account get set up.

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Thank you much man
Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Great idea I'm in.... not sure of the tax implications... probably have to 1099 the amount collected as income.

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Thank you. That's definitely good to know. Still have no idea how I would even go about setting up a PayPal for something like this

Originally Posted by Jekyll-N-Hyde View Post
Im Sick to my stomach and a loss for words.

Reading the responses and looking at pictures now has my mind wondering on how something like this could very well happen.

I'm very very sorry for you loss. Glad youre ok!!!!!!

I hope everything works out for the best in your favor.
Thank you much, I'm hoping for the same thing.

Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
Seriously RJ?.............. thats the least I can do. The only reason this forum is so great is because of guys like you who are always willing to help out.

Case in point! That's why I love this forum! Thanks guys!!!!

He is going to get Jacked by the insurance company as I've seen it happen many of times before. Justin and I have are insurance license and there's no way to win. RJ has a longer road ahead of him than he probably even realizes. If we each do a little, we can perhaps help him bridge the gap and get him back on the road to modding and posting DIY's on how to mod our Camaros.

Kaylee will be missed.
Thank you Nathan.

Originally Posted by lscamaro View Post
I'm definitely in if a paypal gets setup
Thank you much man

Originally Posted by Justin Moreno View Post
I was in shock when i heard about this this morning. My heart sank seeing those pictures bro. Really sorry for the loss of the car. Thank God you got out safe and nobody was hurt.

I'm sure we all want to help out in whatever way we can, which makes the paypal idea a really good one. I'm in.

This thread was really great and fun to read about your adventures with Kaylee. On a positive note, I can't wait to follow you on your journey with your next Camaro.
Thank you Justin

Originally Posted by kold View Post
sorry to hear that ur car got burnt up but glad u made it out alive
As am I, don't want to imagine how much worse it could have been.
Originally Posted by james347 View Post
Very sorry. Horrible thing to have happen.
Thank you much

Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Looking at these pictures it just seems hard to believe something like this could happen like that. Although based on that one picture that shows an RB rotor, their rotors are designed to handle racing braking heat... try removing one and checking it out, they may still be good with some clean-up.

Do you know what actually caused it? Was it a fuel leak? Something get pulled up off the road and catch fire? I'm trying to figure out what could have happened to cause this. It actually hurts to look at those pictures. :(
Still no idea, and I'm guessing insurance probably won't care enough to figure out the cause - they probably only care enough to figure out how much they need to pay me.

As for the Racing Brake rotors, this is the response I got from Warren:

Without knowing how high the temp and how long the rotor was subject to which can affect the rotor shape / structure, I am sure you should understand why I can't give you a definite answer. The best practice is to visually examine them if any warpage and put them on the car again and drive around.
So basically the only way to tell would be to pull off all 4 rotors and inspect them one by one, then if they look "OK" I would have to put them on a car to see if they're still OK to drive.

I love Racing Brake don't get me wrong, they easily make the best rotor on the market for our cars - but I don't think I could in good conscience put these rotors on another camaro to "see" if they're still OK to use. It's just way too big of a gamble.
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