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Originally Posted by Driveshaftshop View Post
you may want to re-think the prothane style one, you see the shaft has the soft center hanger and moves up and down. the solidness of that style Giubo will not allow the few degrees deflection and will cause a real launch shudder. its my opinion that the issue with the shaft it more the bolts and the spline area. this is where you will see most damage. if you take the torsional deflection out of that stock shaft this may make the known issues more apparent.
That actually makes sense. Thanks... I'm already working on returning the two prothane ones.

I didn't actually have a problem before but since I'm upgrading everything else I wonder if I'll have a weak spot. I'm N/A right now but have every bolt one known to man and will be going with a S/C in the future.

Anyway, do you think I'll be safe using the OEM stuff or should I upgrade? If the later, what are my choices?

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