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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Just got off the phone with insurance - The adjuster looked at Kaylee, and needless to say she's a total loss. The rest of our conversation didn't go as well as I would have hoped...

GEICO: you said you did some modifications to the car?

me: yes, mostly cosmetic - but about 2 weeks ago I had new rotors and pads put on the car. I emailed you the receipt, along with all of my other receipts.

GEICO: Haven't checked my email yet as our system is updating currently. "I want to get you as much as I can, but let's say you put new interior panels on the car - they aren't going to add much, if anything, to the car's value. But if you put new rotors on as recent as you said you did, then they might, but say if you spent $1,000 on getting everything installed - it won't add $1,000 to the car."

me: Got it. Well I need to get back to work if that's alright, is there anything else you need from me?

GEICO: Nope. Talk to you soon Raimund *click*


As with everyone else I will be able to help if I can.

Go figure though with insurance they are supper stingy when it comes to fixing or replacing something but they will take your money in a heartbeat when it comes to you paying higher rates. Hope everything works out in the end!
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