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Here's my experience with CT Chevy dealerships:

Terryville Chevrolet: +sales, +service
Bought my 1LE there. Fair price, no pressure. Got me the car I wanted. Only had 1 service there, only because its a bit out of the way, but happy with how they treated the car with respect... did not park it in the general lot when finished but in a "no ding" zone by the vettes They'd be my regular shop if they weren't so far away.

Gengras Chevrolet: -sales, neutral service
I tried to buy a 1LE there, even tried working with 3 different salesman. They were not responsive at all. I'm torn on service. I recently had a warrantee repair there, since they are close. It took 3 trips. I came out unscathed 2/3 but had some dealer damage on the third, some paint chips and they didnt clean the grease that had leaked, they also left their garbage in the car (which is a pet peave of mine) and parked the car in with the soccer mom cars where I could have gotten more damage. So I'm not pleased with the tech's work, but the service desk people were really decent - thus the neutral rating. I also have friends who bought and bring their family card there and have been happy. I just don't think they cater to people who OCD over their cars.

Carter Chevrolet: -sales, -service
I'll be honest and say that I did not buy a car from this dealership but have from one by the same owner in the same town. There was some shady business on the sale, managers not showing up for appointments to figure out how to resolve issues, and new damage several times by shops shared by the sister dealerships. The real caution here is the owner. When I told him about all the issues we were having with his dealership, his reply... "What do you want me to do about it!". It was difficult to get their help or attention after the sale had been made.
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