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Originally Posted by LIM3 View Post
Looking forward to the next mods. Are you doing cosmetic ?
I'm still debating. I honestly have no idea where to head lol. Right now, I have some long tubes, pfadt trailing arms, and pfadt tie rods all collecting dust. Those will obviously get put on first. After that, i have no idea. I want to do a zl1 bumper but then nitrous calls my name. If I get a deal on some coilovers, I might as well finish my suspension while I'm at it. The need to go fast makes me want to get nitrous and seeing the look of cars with nice wheels has me wanting some too..... You can see my predicament

Originally Posted by jewel25 View Post
Get those headers on!!!!!
Oh definitely. Just need to decide if to buy high flow cats or go straight pipe. Although I may just find a way to buy a random set of high flows and fabricate them since the pacesetters are so expensive. I'll also be doing the pfadt stuff.... Hopefully it'll all be in within the next 2-3 weeks.

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