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Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
well,thats just one month that the mustang has outsold the camaro,that i can recall,?
im really not impressed that much with the 14's,however,im sure thay will look alot different in person,just like my 10'did,...i have one more year to pay on my 10'..i may go ahead and pay it off,as it stands there are only about three vehicles i would trade mine for,a)CTS-V COUPE,B)ZL1 and c)14' VETTE,i will have my 10' for four years to the day next year,and i still love it,still can't take my eye's off of her after she has had a bath,
With 2014 model year Camaros coming online I would expect production to be reduced as they switch over.

Though I wouldn't be shocked with the changes that they have made to the Mustang every year to see the Mustang edge out the Camaro this year.
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