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Originally Posted by willhe64 View Post

Yes a properly installed and tuned nitrous kit will run perfectly.

Then something stupid happens, like a solenoid sticks, or some wiring glitch, or an airlock in the fuel line. Or any one of a hundred things that can go wrong.


That's the problem with nitrous. Everything has to be perfect or else bye bye expensive engine.

Not to mention the cost of running it. Tag an extra hundred bucks (or more) to your fuel costs for a Race weekend and you can pay for FI real quick.

And yes, FI can grenade too. But it won't from a simple fueling issue like nitrous will.

That said, there is a 1967 Shelby Pro-mod in my neck of the woods with a 705 cubic inch hemi Ford in it that runs a 1300hp shot of nitrous. Never seen it hiccup once. But it is still the most dangerous power adder you can do. Period.
"Fueling Issues" will blow any engine up, it doesn't matter if it has boost, nitrous, or its naturally aspirated. Detonation is detonation.

As an engine builder, I've seen engine failures all across the board. Tighten blower belts too tight and the crankshaft snaps. Route a vacuum line incorrectly, hello 30psi and goodbye engine. I had a toasted LSA in here because one of the cats came loose, clogged the exhaust, and put so much heat in the cylinders that the moly inlay in the rings came apart. The blowby was so bad, it was gushing oil out of the rear main seal.

Point is, nitrous isn't exclusively susceptible to something going wrong.
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