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Originally Posted by s2000 View Post
My wife is keep telling/stalking me about the other car I bought last month over the ZL1 she ordered back in Feb. 2013, I thought 3 months were enough for domestic vehicle to be built and shipped, I really didn't want to buy a $65k Camaro which will end up having an old body styling in just a couple of months.

I hate talking to the the prev. sales mgr. guy who has been lying to me the whole 3 months about getting a 2014 one, hopefully someone here has more knowledge than them and help me.

Is it possible to order the 2014 already? when they do not even have the MSRP yet? If its possible... when would I receive it?

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated guys, have a good day!

Your wife would be happy with either ZL1 ! In any case, ordering information for the 2014 is not yet available. We encourage you to check or your local dealer for updates.

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