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Originally Posted by Chevygunner View Post
Skellz. I gotta ask since I'm not home and have not seen the ones I just bought from you about a week and a half ago.... Why did you get more technostalgia lights if you already said you do not like them in your last post in the classifieds? Please tell me I am not going to get home from my deployment and not see any technostalgia taillights at my house. You sent a tracking number and it checks out, but still shows in New Jersey. Sorry, not trying to jack up your sales but seems fishy since you already posted this type of for sale ad.
I didn't get more technostalgia lights....I like them just nit my style anymore, I don't have the tracking number so I have no idea what it says but it's been shipped a while back I thought you already had them and installed lol
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