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Originally Posted by SWAG1LE View Post
That is pure red dead beastly sexiness right there...CONGRATS! WHat a relief huh?
**its IOM**(you can see the red vert Camaro on the right in the 1st pic, but yeah, its looks really red on the pics!)

What a relief!!!! Tell me about it!! ahhhhhh!!

Gotta tell, the car is realllyy up to the fuzz, its even better IMO. I've been riding for 2 days and its just perfect. The ride aint stiff at all, 10000x more comfy than my 4th gen, not even in the same league..I think plp are really hating way too much on the 5th gen because they dont own one..

All my buddies are drooling over my wheels/tires setup!! I've never seen such hot wheels on a stock car
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