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What is cool?

The jury is out on the 2014 Camaro face lift. I think it is a draw. If someone is set on Camaro they will buy. I thought for sure they would rework the dash.
I think Camaro resonates with Chevyphiles and is a great vehicle, I never liked the dash. It would keep me from buying the car. You see the dash a lot during your ownership. Mustang refreshed their dash after five years. Considered how cool Camaro would be with a 1980 Firebird looking dash, and a Chevy 10 bolt solid rear axle with the 426 HP LS3, Tremec 6061, and a 3.90:1 helical ring gear. Now that is an awesome muscle car. Sorry I was in highschool in the sixties pony wars and those cars will always define what is cool to me.
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