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Originally Posted by GFORCE1320 View Post
I believe Casey talked to you a few times, if it is leaking from the stub bearings then we have newer style stub retainers that seal better then the older style.
If it's leaking from the vent then you may need to add vent line to give it some breathing room. We loop the hose 3-4 times and zip tie it up above the cradle, this gives the diff room to breath before pushing diff fluid out.
This particular 9" kit was one of the older ones we made back when we first started making them.
Give us a call if you need anything else.

Yes I did speak with Casey and he was very helpful and I appreciate him letting me bother him a few times haha. I noticed it was more wet around the vent tube and we did run a hose but perhaps it needs to be longer as you suggested. I did some some fluid around the driver side hub but I'm confident that it was just fluid draining down from the vent tube as the other side was very dry.

At this point it truly seems I need a clutch or a trans or both. I should start playing the lotto.
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