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Originally Posted by Rob Grant View Post
650 fly wheel hp and the weather was hot, around 32c and I had let the car sit for an hour between each run. When I put the line lock on and then did my burnout, the computer screen say service stabilizer and seems to shut off the traction control and nannys. Even if I shut off traction control and stabilizer before I burnout, the screen says the same thing. I thought maybe the computer was shutting down on the power for some reason. What is the best air pressure for my 18' slicks ( hoosier) ?
Thanks for all your info and I want to be able to give the car a good run.
Not at all... this is normal and will not result in any power loss. There are so many things that come into play, but do you have more runs and all of them look similar? Tire pressure for drag racing, slicks vary (weight of the car, power of course, track temp, track condition) most of the time. Hoosier will tell you that for a stock weigh camaro between 14/16, but my car likes 17 psi on one track and 15 on another. All depends.

I would say the DA is getting a lot of your power. (did you drive the car there, was the engine kept hot... all this comes into play as your computer will pull timing as it heats up and power loss with climb).

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