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very good advice at some point you will need to log you IAT2's and make sure your not breaking the 138 degree barrier or timing will get pulled. even at that point cooler air makes more power but passing 138 degrees will pulling timing and cost power in bunches.

easiest mod extrea resivoir capacity
then you have HX upgrade, chiller, meth kit, ice tank kind of options.

I am reasearching the RX chiller myself but that is one factor of me putting on the 10% lower on to start with until I have more funds. my logs show 11.5 psi 2500-5500 then ramp up to 13.8 psi through the band instead of starting at 13spi and ramping up I my iat2's were still in line. wating for warmer day to re-log and see where I am.

for me on this car set some kind of budget and it will work itself out. I did $1500 and lower, tune, cai, tb kind of fell in line. if I would have went upper I would have been nervouse about needing cooling mods and blowing my budget. Car pulls way better.

headers are next. then down the road upper port/puley, inectors and cooling mod of some kind possibly the chiller. I am staging it is cost and trying to minimize redundant labor.
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