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Originally Posted by rtcat600man View Post
I installed my own MRT 2.0. Then took it to the people who built it and had them weld it on.

I have had many members on this and other Forums say this is one of the best sounding systems they have heard and by far the best sounding MRT 2.0 system.
Take a listen for yourself. Listen to these thru some headphones or ear buds.
Here is a few videos for you:

This one is from inside my Camaro on the way to the dragstrip.

This one is from inside my Camaro while at the dragstrip. Sorry about the Camera tipping.

This one is one that SCRMNG filmed for me while we were at the dragstrip. the last 30 seconds is me on a single pass.

This last clip is one that danrc28 put together when visiting me to hear a MRT 2.0 system. He went from Toronto to Florida and back stopping along the way picking up sound bytes. The video starts off with outside rev's, then an on ramp full throttle run, then an acceleration run from inside while talking about drone. Tape finishes with me passing the camera on the highway doing 3rd gear runs. Which has not been recorded by anyone else using the MRT (or at least I am not aware of anyone with this type of recording.) (rcat's)

Originally Posted by Missionboi View Post
Here is a video of my exhaust with MRT V2. (dont me to thread jack, just showing )
Of course it has more mods, but wow it sounds amazing!

MRT V2.0 Is By Far The Best 2010-2012 3.6L Axle-Back Exhaust System!

Lowest Price Guaranteed. Order Here:

Ground Effects Package Compatible:

Made in the USA.
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