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Originally Posted by bluBlud View Post
I finally found time to check out the weekly car show in my home town:

It's held at a burger joint, pretty small... maybe 40 cars. It turns out one the the guys working the show owns the IOM C5 I've seen (really heard) a few times. Nice guy, awesome car - what a beast! I'm pretty bad with names but he noticed my NEC5 sticker and seemed familiar with the site. If I only had cards like some of you guys showed me the one other time i managed to get out... maybe we'll see him here rounding up C5s for another cruise night

Anyway, it's a fun time for the family if you're looking to get out some Wednesday night. Feel free to PM me if anyone wants to check it out and is looking for a cruising buddy
Checked out he site and some of the pic's ... I see Charlie's brother has been there with his GASSER! Jimmie

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