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Originally Posted by cuffnstuff1 View Post
what's a good brand that's not to expensive
Well, I am getting a catch can made by elite engineering from apex speed. its is 165 dollars with free shipping. The elite catch can is just as good as the other ones. But if you get a cheap one, you might as well not even use one. A quality catch can is well worth it because if you don't get a quality one you might as well use a coffee filter. I believe a quality one is a good idea. If you intend on keeping your car for your whole life span and driving it on long trips like you are then I would just get a good quality catch can like the elite engineering. And if you can afford it overnight it so you can put it on before your trip. But if you can't get it on by your trip thats fine it should be waiting for you by the time you get back. For the money the elite engineering catch can is an awesome catch can, here it is: L99:
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