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Originally Posted by crateish View Post
I don't know how to rate Bergey's Chevrolet in PA for this, but they told me that the ONLY tires available for my 2LT RS are the P Zeros they came with.

I asked them about all-season replacements, just out of curiosity. I wasn't really planning to buy from them, because I thought it would be too expensive. I did not expect them to not have an alternative. They wouldn't even acknowledge that they were 'summer tires.'


Otherwise, they were fine. They fixed a squeak in my windshield that started happening when it got cold. They've changed my oil successfully.
Been dealing with Bergey's Dealerships all my life...I have purchased over 12 vehicles from them to date. All my vehicles are serviced at their locations as well. I would definitely rate them a "Dealership". Family owned and operated and very friendly. They have fixed every problem that I have ever found and I have never felt over charged or under-appreciated.

As for the tire're right...they definitely like to stick with stock. I had a Jeep that I wanted to put some Bridgestone Dueler Revos on and their tech looked at me funny when I asked about them. I think they (like most) service centers get better deals on certain tires and that is what they want to push. Anyway long story short, I ordered the tires online and brought them back to him to install. When I came to pick the Jeep up, he said to me..."wow, they are one awesome looking tire" and said to let him know how they work out because he will definitely recommend them to others.
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