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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Well, with all due respect, the red cross has also set up donations for that. They are getting help.

I mean no disrespect to the Oklahoma victims, as I have donated to the red cross for them. And I know what its like to recieve help from hurricane damage from generous people.

I dont see a difference in getting a donation for a tornado hitting your house, a hurricane flooding your street, or a fire taking away your car. Everyone puts their money into different things, etc.

Not arguing, just giving some perspective. I have a few thousand into my car, if it caught on fire today, I wouldnt be able to replace it all. If you want to nitpick, I shouldnt have even bought a camaro, I should have gotten a civic and donated to kids in Africa who have no shelter or food.

Good worries...This is a Car-Forum, not wrong with helping someone out at all, whatever the circumstances....
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