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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Not arguing, just giving some perspective. I have a few thousand into my car, if it caught on fire today, I wouldnt be able to replace it all.
I commend your generosity.

When modding our cars, we all know that we will never get back what we put into it. It's a risk we all knowingly take, and its a bummer when the worst-case scenario happens, but by modding we tacitly agree to going out on that ledge.

The major difference I tried to point out is that this is a car, and I'm making an assumption here based on the amount/worth of modifications and he C3 Corvette on the side, but the car of someone who is fairly well-off financially. A distinctly different situation when compared to tornado victims who have lost their homes, and in worse cases, family and friends.

We all work hard for the money we have and it's your right to spend it however you want, so I don't want to give off the impression that I am disparaging anyone's generosity or kindness. This is a great community and its cool to see every one band together - whether I agree with the cause is ultimately besides the point as the fraternity around our shared passion should take center stage. With that said, I'll bow out of the conversation.

Edit: I also commend RJ for his post the other day stating its not about the money donated, it's the fact that people WOULD donate. Whatever you do with the money donated is obviously your call, but I hope whatever you end up doing reflects the above mentality you claim to have.
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