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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Good worries...This is a Car-Forum, not wrong with helping someone out at all, whatever the circumstances....
Valid point - and while it's extremely sad and disparaging to hear about some ones passion and pride meeting this end, just ask yourself this. If it was another member who posted 1/2 or 1/4 as much and did not have as huge of a build thread (because they were worse off financially and could not afford those types of modifications) and this happened to them, do you think there would be as large of a rally to donate and help the person out since they aren't as "internet famous"?

I think it's amazing to see people help one of their own out in a hard time, but you have to wonder if the help is going where it should? To some one very well off who has (apparently?) a second car and money to spend on expensive modifications? Or one of the many threads on here where I have seen posters say they had to sell their pride and joy because finances are tight for a period of time or another similar situation. (Mind you, Ive seen several of those already since I joined this past November, and havent seen anyone posting to setup a paypall so they can make their car/insurance payments for a few months until they are back on their feet).
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